About Roger A Pugh

About Roger A Pugh:

Welcome to the Roger A Pugh Photography website. I am excited you are here to visit and have taken the time to view some of the photographs I have enjoyed creating. Beauty is all around us, but sometimes we need to be patient for just the right light, or the slight movement of wildlife and our reward can be images that make us smile and remember such wonderful moments for years to come.

My name is Roger and even though I have had a camera most of my life, photography has become a passion of mine the last couple of years. I started photography back in high school. It wasn't offered as a class, but the school had a darkroom for the year book and other photo needs. I made arrangements with the school and the teacher responsible for the dark room to create an independent study course during my senior year. I was given 8 assignments and that was the last I saw of my teacher until the end of the semester when I presented my work. My favorite task was splicing 8 frames together to create my first panorama. It was incredibly fun. Developing film is a foreign subject for most young photographers today, but it was a great way to learn and understand the process. The only problem I had in my personal class was there was no one there to help me when I nearly cut the end of my finger off with the paper cutter in pitch black trying not to expose photo paper. It wouldn't have been a big deal except for having to exit the swing door into the classroom where some math was being taught. Let's just say it was a bloody mess and made some of the students get queazy.

I love to travel and to do so with my camera in hand. Trying to get to the right spot, at the right time, with the right light, and with the right subject requires patience, endurance, a love of nature, and the companionship of a truly great assistant. My wife prefers to help rather than pick up the camera, so the two of us roam from one good composition to another.

I hope my work causes you to consider the beauty of this world. I hope your desire to see some of the same places stirs in you and if not, hopefully it causes you to find new magical places to capture on your own. When you do, please don't hesitate sharing them with me. I hope you will enjoy this website and allow these captured moments to take you places away from the troubles of life. Please come back often as I will be adding new work regularly.


Roger A Pugh